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Garden Journal – Chapter 26

What’s up with the Birds in my yard?

My back yard and fruit trees have turned into a nursery for baby birds.  In the last chapter I spoke about being attacked by the Robins.

This time it is the Cardinals.  Their little one flew the coop yesterday and I got a few snaps on the camera.  I wasn’t attacked this time because this wasn’t my fault.  A squirrel was the culprit!  Again, the parents were just busy feeding and guarding the little one.  My oh my, I have certainly learned something about birds this spring!  Things I never knew.

The parents are just so wonderful at protecting their young.  These two kept an ever watchful eye and kept the squirrels and Blue-jays away.  While making sure their little Tyke didn’t go hungry.

I have put some arrows pointing to the birds because I had to keep my distance.  I didn’t want to scare anyone.

Mom and Dad Cardinals keeping a watchful eye, making sure their little one was protected.

Little Cardinal is at the bottom trying to spread his little wings. Dad is vigilante.


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OLA Family Album – New Updates

More Members added to our OLA Family Album!  Meet some of the sellers.  They are no longer faceless. Join us at .

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Garden Journal – Chapter 25

Birds – A Robin Story

The other day I went out into the yard to prune some spring growth from my fruit trees.  The theory here is that the fruit will get more nourishment and become larger.

I got out the ladder and the pruning shears and began.  I knew there was a Robin’s nest in the tree but I didn’t think that I was very close and I, certainly, had no intention of disturbing the family.  Well, I guess I did get too close because, as I was trimming, all of a sudden a “thud” and  I got slammed and beaked on the head by one very angry momma or papa! 

I had no clue that Robins could be so vicious.  Here I am on a ladder and both birds were attacking me. I ran into the patio and I looked down on my on my arm and saw blood.  At first I thought it was one of the birds but soon realized it was me. I went in a cleaned up. Then I worried that the Robin that had hit me in the head might have injured them-self.

I went back outside to check things out and got chased back into the patio by both birds.  They were still making quite a fuss.  Then, I saw why.  Their teenage baby had jumped out of the nest!!  Oh my, I was really worried that they would abandon their bouncing teen.  Flapping wings and jumping around the entire yard all the rest of the day.  Much to my suprise, those two parents did not give up the ship but keep a watchful eye on their baby’s location at all times.  It started to shower all the rest of the day and into the night.

The next morning I kept looking for activity.  I did see the parents but I didn’t see the baby.  Then, the Hubs went out and got attacked.  He got too close to the teenager too.  The parents had managed to get the baby in the pomegranate bush for the overnight.  Thank goodness. I watched all day, worrying that the little bird wouldn’t get any nourishment and could die.  Well, somehow, this teenager was learning how to spread his wings.  He kept getting a little higher air time all day long. 

By the end of the day my fears of emminant starvation were put to rest.  The parents had been feeding their offspring all day long. I caught this loving caring scene late in the afternoon. I got these pictures through my window.



Scenario: Do Not prune trees while birds nest.

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OLA Family and Friends Slide Show Update

A Slide Show of Family and Friends.
Get to know who you are trading and doing business with. Think of this slide show as sort of a meet and greet. I will post again whenever I update. Update 5/14/09. Thank you for looking.

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Garden Journal – Chapter 24

May Garden Update

Watching your veggies growing every year is so much fun!  I guess because it is such hard labor when turning your ground over, your muscles are sore and you ache so bad after you’ve finished planting your seed. But then the good part is when you can sit back and enjoy the growth.  When you see the progress of things growing, knowing that you will be able to freeze much of it (that’s what I do) then eat it during the winter months.  Of course sharing with friends is rewarding as well.

This is a full shot of of my small garden. Green beans are the newest growth emerging.  Next to that small row are two more rows, newly planted, because I stagger the planting about two weeks apart.  When anything else like the lettuce, radish or kohlrabi are done growing new green bean plantings will go in those empty spots to.  When you have a small city space you need to take advantage of every opportunity and opening in your little garden. Don’t forget this garden is approximately 30 x 15 feet.

Look how the lettuce has progressed since I last posted.  We, my family and friends have savored the pick-ens.  The weather will be too hot soon so they will go into seed but meanwhile I just leave the plant in the ground and harvest the leaves from the bottom up. Radishes are just about finished too.

Shouldn’t be to long before the kohlrabi are totally mature. Hopefully the weather will stay cool in the evenings just a little while longer!

I took this picture of the peas last week.  They are blooming this week, wow!!

The Squash, Cantaloupe and Cucumbers are thriving nicely. The flowers I planted them in between will die back but meanwhile it slows weed growth.

Tomatoes and Bell Peppers are growing well.  I have planted transplants of Kohlrabi to take advantage of the space.  As they grow the leaves will spread and again keep weeds from growing under the tomatoes.  The kohlrabi will be done before the tomatoes get to large to block their sun.

I didn’t remember to post the Morning Glories in the last post.  They are finally coming through the wire which I had to use  to cover them with because the squirrels are too quick to dig in my pots!  Second time I planted these this year. Wire will keep those pesky critters out of the pots.

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Garden Journal – Chapter 23

Just thought I would give you an update on our Small City Garden. 

We had a pretty bad storm today. Lots of half inch to three quarter inch hail along with high winds. I was really worried that a lot of the fruit would fall off the trees but we got lucky with most of them.  The only real loss was to the plum tree.  I think that might have lost about ten per cent of the fruit but I am hoping that it was the weaker fruit.  I am thinking that the tree couldn’t have supported that much fruit.  The Plum tree was really loaded so my thought is that some fruit would not have made it through the season anyway.

These are the Azaleas in bloom. I have  them along the entire length of the driveway. They were really full this year.

Everything is just going crazy with fruit. Even my small Blueberry bush.

Peach tree is not far behind.  I do think I will have to do a spring trim of the new growth on all of the fruit trees. They are supposed to be dwarf and I don’t want them too big to control.

The Asian pear and the Apple are providing some nesting grounds for the birds as well.  With the lush new growth it gives them a nice cover.

Pear Tree

This is a picture of the nest in the Apple tree with the bird’s nest. Follow the red arrow.  I believe the apple condo has Cardinals renting.

Check out the fruit on the Damson Plum (which lost a few today).

Ok, so now I cannot forget my Pomegranate.  I have had real problems trying to identify first year’s growth from second year’s growth.  Apparently, only second year growth produces fruit.  Gardening tips I have found for pruning of this bush have said to only leave 3 main stalks.  I could go into mega details but the end result is that I have yet to get more than seven poms in a season.  So, last year I said the heck with all the directions and let the sucker just grow.  This is the second year of willy nilly growth.  All I have done this year is to remove dead wood.  We shall see what happens!  I hope it will be good.

I don’t sell fruit or veggies.  This is my source for healthy food and a way to save some money at the grocery.  I certainly know that it is not imported from a foreign country that does not regulate what their farmer’s use as pesticides!  My produce is pretty safe.  I haven’t seen any wild life “thieves” keel over yet!!  🙂

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