Poser – Anti Tax Tea Party

How was the turn out at your Anti Tax Rally?

There were so many, many supporters out and about across the country!  In our local area we had about 700.  But our local newspaper did get us on the front page!

Here is the link to the video at the Virginian Pilot’s news article and the PilotOnline.com web site.  http://hamptonroads.com/node/505673 

“Hundreds gathered in a drizzle outside Town Center in Virginia Beach on Wednesday for the Hampton Roads Tax Day Tea Party Rally, a protest of taxes and government bailouts.”

Read Part 1,2,3 of Sunflower Ranch’s Blog. Olympia’ Tea Party Rally. Very refreshing read.



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    Thank you so much for linking to my 3 part report on the Olympia Tax Day Tea Party. I am enjoying reading about your area’s Tea Party, too! I am very surprised that you got something on the front page. We were just dissed and insulted in the media out here in the Seattle area, similar to how the national media dismissed everyone who felt overtaxed and frustrated that there is no end in sight to the high taxes. The media seems to think it’s just a “right-wing” or “Republican” extremist thing — they don’t realize people from ALL political parties were there and everyone had the same feelings — stop the overtaxing now!!

    It was quite an experience attending. I hope you’ll be able to go to the next one being held in your area. Hope the weather is fine, too — no more pork and no more rain! LOL

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