Poser-April 15,2009 Tax Tea Parties

Want to see good coverage on the Tax Tea Parties across the Nation?

I am happy to hear, this morning, that Fox News is following these rallies.  More information and locations at their web site.  http://www.thefoxnation.com/

“FOX News will have all the details leading right up to April 15 tax day — from links to tea parties in you area to live reports from the scenes, analyses from the FOX Forum and FOXNews.com’s own series on the tea party phenomenon. 

FOXNews.com will also carry live video streams from several Tea Party locations, and will have reporters on hand in Indianapolis, Tulsa, Washington, D.C., San Antonio, Sacramento, Atlanta, Boston and New York.”

A New Message From Thomas Paine on Glenn Beck


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    Excellent post Ace!!!! It’s not even 8 am here and I’m up getting ready to join the caravan to the state capitol in Olympia to attend a Tea Party — my very first protest!! And I’m old!! LOL Missed the Viet Nam war protests, never participated in or carried a sign for any environmental, peace, civil rights, or anti-capitalist march. But now that our country is threatened from within and spiraling out of control and I will be silent no more. As long as I still have my first amendment rights, I will make my views known. But don’t get me started! LOL I said all I wanted to in my blog post from yesterday. I should have some pictures to post tonight. If your readers can’t attend a Tea Party but would like to know what they are all about, I think Fox would be the place to watch them. They won’t be covered in the mainstream media, unless Acorn starts a fight and that will be shown. Blogs and radio will cover the local markets. Best of luck to everybody today!

  2. 2

    supergranny said,

    WHY are these events NOT being covered in the mainstream media? Is this not news? Truly sad when the NEWS outlets can decide what We the People should see and not see!…UNLESS something negative happens…

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