Poser – Anti Tax Tea Parties 2009

Main stream Media not giving deserved coverage to the Tax Tea Parties across the Nation? NO, biased Yes. 

Does this surprise me? NO!  So whats new?

 Who needs mainstream?  The word about the Tea Parties got out anyway with great turn outs!

Thank You FOX NEWS, for paying attention to these hunderds of rallies! http://www.thefoxnation.com/ View videos.

Remember readers, when our next Federal, State and Local elections, get out there and vote.  Don’t loose the momentum.   That is the only way to make a change in who is running Congress. 

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    Great post! We had quite a day at the Olympia Washington Tea Party! I’m going to blog it in at least 2 parts, possibly 3. LOL Did you see the “so-called” interview a reporter from CNN I think gave? She cut off the person she’d asked a question to, insulted him, ranted about a bunch of stuff that was untrue and then slammed Fox news,[ who is creaming all of the other news organizations in all the ratings.] Not that I am always in agreement with Fox [Shep Smith is from another planet sometimes] but at least both sides [or more] are presented on any given question. Media bias is real but anyone who only watches the mainstream has no idea what they are being spoonfed everyday. I have to get my news from a variety of sources to be informed and possibly have any opinion.

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      grouchow said,

      Oh, Yes. I was positively glued to Fox News last night and I was so excited to see the turn out of so many supporters. We did get a little coverage on the local evening news but not to much. I did see that interview from the cnn reporter too. I, certainly, wouldn’t call her a reporter! Reporters don’t try to antagonize people, that isn’t their job. Ahh, another poser. lol

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    You and your posers!! Love it!! Keep ’em coming!! LOL

    I read today on a local news website that our State Patrol said that the rally we had on Wednesday was the biggest one seen in Olympia in many years. It exceeded the numbers the organizers had planned for. I read first they were expecting 10,000 but that must have been some unofficial wishful guestimate. There were over 5,000 and if that’s more than the permit was for, I am very surprised they allowed it. They could have easily turned away as many, I suppose once the limit was reached. The troopers were visible, but as far as I could see they had absolutely nothing to do but stand around and look at people and chat. I overheard a few people saying hi to them and discussing the weather, etc. No yelling. No arrests and no fights to break up. Thank goodness Acorn or some other thugs didn’t show up.

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