Poser – News Programs TV or Radio

What happened to interesting News Broadcasting? 

Does everything just come off the AP Wire?

What the heck!  We might as have well have one National News Show.  It wouldn’t matter because they all say the same things, almost verbatim!!

I am referring to all the, so called news shows on Network Television, Cable TV, Radio, Local or National and, certainly, Print. I exclude no one. Even some of the catch phrases are the same!  Most annoying for me – “Straight Ahead”. 

What happened to creativity?  Can’t some of these News Anchors come up with something new when reading their prompters?  How about some of the Writers coming up with something a little new in wording? 

I don’t know who writes the news but short of different faces and voices it doesn’t really matter what news station you watch, the format of presentation and the words are the same! The word “clones” comes to mind.

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    OMG, so true!!! You have to look at everything with a jaundiced eye — it’s ALL spin. I read the Wall Street Journal and even THEY are no different, just better writing and a slight twist on the same old same old. But take any city newspaper, any mainstream media outlet [all the alphabet networks] and all say the same thing. No balance, no discussion. All boring as h**l. There are a few people writing and speaking the news with a fresh twist out there, but they are few and far between. When you find one, let me know. 🙂 Thanks for the provocative post! More!! 🙂

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      grouchow said,

      Yes, I know. Boring,boring. I just know they are all reading right off the AP Wire. There used to be other wire/news services but that competition is long gone now. So we just have to listen to the same drival on all the channels. They could save themselves a lot of money and just hire one crew and let the AP tell the news.
      Ha, what am I thinking? That will probably happen one day anyway! 🙂

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