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Poser – Anti Tax Tea Party

How was the turn out at your Anti Tax Rally?

There were so many, many supporters out and about across the country!  In our local area we had about 700.  But our local newspaper did get us on the front page!

Here is the link to the video at the Virginian Pilot’s news article and the web site. 

“Hundreds gathered in a drizzle outside Town Center in Virginia Beach on Wednesday for the Hampton Roads Tax Day Tea Party Rally, a protest of taxes and government bailouts.”

Read Part 1,2,3 of Sunflower Ranch’s Blog. Olympia’ Tea Party Rally. Very refreshing read.


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Poser – Anti Tax Tea Parties 2009

Main stream Media not giving deserved coverage to the Tax Tea Parties across the Nation? NO, biased Yes. 

Does this surprise me? NO!  So whats new?

 Who needs mainstream?  The word about the Tea Parties got out anyway with great turn outs!

Thank You FOX NEWS, for paying attention to these hunderds of rallies! View videos.

Remember readers, when our next Federal, State and Local elections, get out there and vote.  Don’t loose the momentum.   That is the only way to make a change in who is running Congress. 

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Poser-April 15,2009 Tax Tea Parties

Want to see good coverage on the Tax Tea Parties across the Nation?

I am happy to hear, this morning, that Fox News is following these rallies.  More information and locations at their web site.

“FOX News will have all the details leading right up to April 15 tax day — from links to tea parties in you area to live reports from the scenes, analyses from the FOX Forum and’s own series on the tea party phenomenon. will also carry live video streams from several Tea Party locations, and will have reporters on hand in Indianapolis, Tulsa, Washington, D.C., San Antonio, Sacramento, Atlanta, Boston and New York.”

A New Message From Thomas Paine on Glenn Beck

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Poser – Tax Tea Parties

Insane Crazy Taxes!

Are you willing to support the Tax Tea Parties on April 15, 2009?  I will support the effort.  Congress has gone made with spending and taxing.

Am I mad? Yes!

Do they tell us to tighten our belts?  Yes, we do. 


Here are three videos I found, that explains a little about what is going on.

Newt Gingrich

Glen Beck

Want to see who is signing up?  Check this web site out!

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Poser – News Programs TV or Radio

What happened to interesting News Broadcasting? 

Does everything just come off the AP Wire?

What the heck!  We might as have well have one National News Show.  It wouldn’t matter because they all say the same things, almost verbatim!!

I am referring to all the, so called news shows on Network Television, Cable TV, Radio, Local or National and, certainly, Print. I exclude no one. Even some of the catch phrases are the same!  Most annoying for me – “Straight Ahead”. 

What happened to creativity?  Can’t some of these News Anchors come up with something new when reading their prompters?  How about some of the Writers coming up with something a little new in wording? 

I don’t know who writes the news but short of different faces and voices it doesn’t really matter what news station you watch, the format of presentation and the words are the same! The word “clones” comes to mind.

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Garden Journal – Chapter 22 – Pictures

Spring 2009 Picture Update

If you live in the North, you can be jealous now!  Lots of pictures here so it might be a bit of a long chapter.  🙂

I know spring will come your way soon but Spring is here in the lower 48. Now, I am happy.  I have taken some pictures just to let you see the progress of my little yard and city garden.

Anyone for Veggies? I think I mentioned this before but will again. I planted these lettuce seeds in November of 2008 and covered the small plants with leaves from the fall.  My experiment worked!  Check it out.  I already picked some leaves and had some of the juciy leaf lettuce on a sandwich! Yum. 

Next to the lettuce I planted the radish seeds last month, March. Sometimes you just have to take some chances. It is only a package of seed.  The times to plant aren’t always correct, at least, not for my area.  Plus, my garden is very sheltered.

Just planted the tomato sets today, right next to the kohlrabi seeds that were planted earlier. 

Now that it is warmer, I could remove the cold frame from the kohlrabi.

I have a couple of cats so I have to plant some Cat grass for them too.  I put that in pots because they are house cats and aren’t allowed outside.  I plant the grass in several pots throughout the summer because they eat it up so fast.  🙂

Now for a couple of pictures of the fruit tree blossoms. Oooh, I am just so excited.  I get to have fresh fruit from my small city garden too!


Peach Blossoms

Asian Pear Blossoms

Apple Blossoms

I think I went a little crazy with the pictures today but the yard just has soooo many flowers that I couldn’t help myself.  I just needed to share.

The pictures of these plants aren’t food producing but they are lovely blooms just the same. They are just fun to share.

This is a Double Camellia. It almost looks like a rose!

My Frizzle, cute frilly flowers! Look closely at the purple.  This a great hedge bush.  And the color of the leaves are wonderful year round.  From dark green to deep purple and blossoms most of the summer.

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