Poser – Do you like Clowns??

Do you like Clowns? 

Check out this strange, funny, crazy clown cartoon strip, Blight The Clown.  Oops, blushing, did I say strip?

For more info, please visit the http://blightproductions.wordpress.com:80/

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    Clowns have always scared the stuffin’ out of me!! The cartoonist certainly captured the feeling of a truly scary/mixed up/anarchist character with his style. Seems to fit. Pretty funny, though, in one of those chuckle up the sleeve sly ways. Good post! 🙂 ~SF

  2. 3

    And music and movies as well!

    But most folks are not truly scared of clowns, thing is most folks don’t really even understand what a clown is. In American culture most folks will immediately think of either a birthday clown, John Wayne Gacey, or the movie “IT”, when they are thinking of clowns. When looking at this, it is clear that people are not afraid of clowns, they are afraid of creepy human beings wearing masks that may be out to harm or even kill them. This idea is not what a clown is. The ironic thing about this misconception of clown, is that most folks do not even realize then they are looking at a truly amazing clown. Many of the same people that say they “Hate” or are scared of clowns, will tell you they think that Cirque Do Soleil is amazing, and that Buster Keaton is brilliant, and they just love Mr. Bean. These character and performers are all types of clown, and it just seems to be lost on most western cultures. There once was a time in history, there the clown was the most respected entertainer in the kingdom, he was the only entertainment the king would allow. Now serial killers, Stephen King, and Birthday Party’s have tainted to reputation of clowns around the world, and sweet little Blight the Clown is here to set the world straight!

    -Your Pal,
    Blight The Clown

  3. 5

    Ha ha ha, you are such a “poser”, but never fear, I did not assume you were putting down the clown, epically because you made this one! I just figured I would respond to your topic, one that I actually spend quite a bit of time thinking about.

  4. 6

    supergranny said,

    Shoot, don’t most of us that have a “clown” inside that sometimes appears at inopportune times that gives us a little extra glint in our eyes? I know I have a goofy clown in me….as well as a lifetime of “other” things:) Neat posts…..

  5. 7

    Blight, you are so right about the clowns. I would add Charlie Chaplin’s Little Tramp as a great clown, too. And Lon Chaney’s bittersweet characterizations in “He Who Get’s Slapped” and “Laugh, Clown, Laugh,” are both stories of heartbreaking “classic” clowns. You are absolutely right that the classic clown has been corrupted in the last half of the 20th century. Bozo was probably the first classic clown I was ever exposed to and I did not like him. But I was so little, I had nothing to compare him to and appreciate the nuances of clown performance. When I was about 6 years old however, I grew to appreciate what it took to be a clown. The best “classic” clown I ever saw in person as well as on a regular basis on TV was Chris Wedes’ “JP Patches” a tramp clown who lived at the City Dump in Seattle. He deserved a wider audience but charmed 3 generations of Seattle area kids — a lasting legacy for sure. I admire anyone in this day and age who wishes to to tackle the prejudices any classic clown is sure to face. You’ll be fighting all those images in an effort to establish your own unique character sans the horror element people have been conditioned to accept from clowns. Best of everything to you, always have a good show, and break a leg! 😀

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