Garden Journal – Chapter 20

“Sex in the City” Birdie Update!

In post #19 I talked of my little “sex in the city” birdies.  About a week ago, I thought I would give them a little more space to rest, at night,  because it appeared to me that the rolled up straw shade was very lopsided and if I pushed it back and straighten it out, the birds might have more room.  NOT…. !  Birds disappeared.

When I took a lader to check the opening about 4 days later, it only confirmed what I was thinking.  I didn’t realize that I left the bird sweeties no space to roost at all and that is why they did not come back to sleep in the evening!  Well, I readjusted the shade to where it was originally, crooked, and that opened the space back up.  I did this three days ago.  I just figured they were in a tree now and probably would not return. 

Then, eureka, as I closed the curtains from the front room, this evening, I saw my little sweeties come back home.  One was already in the opening and the other was making their way in.  I am so happy they didn’t hold my rearrangement of their condo against me!  Next time, I will think things through a little better before I try to be quite so helpful.  I’m glad their back!

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    Oh, I am soooooooooo glad the little darlings returned!!! You had good luck. I’ve seen it go either way and it’s so disappointing when they find other digs. What kind of birdies are they? Sparrows? They’re friendly and used to being around people. Other birds are a bit more skittish and once they leave, that’s it. Keep posting your updates!

  2. 2

    fleapirates said,

    That is just too cute! Keep snapping those pics… I’ll bet you have an entertaining spring! Glad they returned.

  3. 3

    supergranny said,

    WOW, I’d forgotten how relaxing and fun it is to sit inside and watch the little birdies, squirrels, etc lives going on the other side of our glass. Sometimes we need to stop everything, go outside and look up! Looking forward to the next update.

    Have you ever had a bat house? Wondering if anybody ever sees them or how you know they are inhabited?

  4. 4

    Tess said,

    Im really enjoying your posts. Keep up the great work.

    • 5

      grouchow said,

      Thank you for posting. I am enjoying my little outdoor friendly birdie. I guess because he/she was such a little fuzzy new bird out of its nest last year and I watched he/she grow. You kinda get attached. 🙂

  5. 6

    sam said,

    you realy have scuch a nice blog much appriciated thanks for this share

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