Garden Journal – Chapter 19

Spring 2009 Continued

What a day today has been.  Bought some more seeds and planted them right away.  I certainly want to take advantage of this warm spell.  I planted chive, peas, catnip, cat grass, Chinese Lanterns, California poppies and Four O’clocks.  Some things went in the garden, some in the pots and some in the flower beds.
Now, I do have to update you about my little bird that appeared last year and used his squatter’s rights to sleep on my front porch.  I wrote about him, last year, in Chapter 9 of this Journal. Chapter 9 – Click Here .  The good news is that he is back and seems to have found himself a cozy nest, of sorts.  Again on my front porch but this time in a straw shade that I have rolled up over the winter. 

The cute part of this little tale is that he seems to have found a spring mate.  I know this because I caught them coming home for the night and then snapped this picture of not one but two tails, all snuggled up for the night! 

I wonder if I should call this “sex in the city”!  *chuckles*  I figure that my two birdies might even put a nest in that rolled up shade which is okay because I won’t need it till the summer and, of course, by then the babies will have been hatched.


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  1. 1

    supergranny said,

    What a darling tale – (no pun intended). Ah, yes, love and spring do seem to go together………….

  2. 2

    Just adorable! Those dear little birdies. Have you been able to identify them yet? Some sparrows have SIX batches of babies during the season!!!!!! So, if you could provide an alternate nesting site of some sort, you’ll be able to use your rolled up shade — otherwise forget it and enjoy being the grandma to such a lovely brood of babies! And get something else to block out the hot summer sun! 🙂 Keep us posted on your dear little bird family!!! 🙂

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