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Poser – Do you like Clowns??

Do you like Clowns? 

Check out this strange, funny, crazy clown cartoon strip, Blight The Clown.  Oops, blushing, did I say strip?

For more info, please visit the


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Garden Journal – Chapter 21

Another Bird Update!

I’m so excited.  I did a little researching on the web yesterday and I found out what kind of birds, my tiny couple are!  I found this neat bird site that had pictures and it turns out that these birds are called Wren’s.  Apparently, there are several varieties but mine happens to be the Carolina Wren.  There are really good pictures on this bird identification site called What  There is even sound of the bird’s song. The site is a Field Guide to Birds of North America.
Until I am able to get a better snap shot, you can see some really nice pictures on this site.

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Garden Journal – Chapter 20

“Sex in the City” Birdie Update!

In post #19 I talked of my little “sex in the city” birdies.  About a week ago, I thought I would give them a little more space to rest, at night,  because it appeared to me that the rolled up straw shade was very lopsided and if I pushed it back and straighten it out, the birds might have more room.  NOT…. !  Birds disappeared.

When I took a lader to check the opening about 4 days later, it only confirmed what I was thinking.  I didn’t realize that I left the bird sweeties no space to roost at all and that is why they did not come back to sleep in the evening!  Well, I readjusted the shade to where it was originally, crooked, and that opened the space back up.  I did this three days ago.  I just figured they were in a tree now and probably would not return. 

Then, eureka, as I closed the curtains from the front room, this evening, I saw my little sweeties come back home.  One was already in the opening and the other was making their way in.  I am so happy they didn’t hold my rearrangement of their condo against me!  Next time, I will think things through a little better before I try to be quite so helpful.  I’m glad their back!

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A Bloggers Heaven

What a great site for bloggers.  Woohoo, I couldn’t believe the views my blog received when this site linked to me.  What a great idea.  I love the rolling, live blogs. Very easy to view other blog sites too! 

Thank you

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CEOs and Bail Out Posers

OK, I was hot under the collar, this morning. I just have so many unanswered questions.  Because, once again, CEOs and their salaries are under fire in all forms of media.  I heard that there is a proposal to cap all heads of corporations. 

The so called news broadcasters, tv or radio, liberal or conservative, just haven’t asked a couple of questions I would like answers to.

Who hires the CEO?? Isn’t it the Board of Directors? Or is it the share holders of the Corporation?  How does all of this work?  Anyone, here on the Internet, know?


Who sets the Board’s salaries?
Doesn’t a Board of Directors make the potential CEO the deal of a lifetime to come in and run the company?


Surely, any Board of Directors has some say when it comes to electing or choosing the Chief Executive Officer.  Don’t they?
Or, have these people been elected by their share holders?
Since the companies do send proxies to share holders for elections, who are the share holders electing?

From what little I know about corporate structure, I assume, the big time CEO doesn’t walk into the average Personnel Office for an interview!  Nor does that CEO walk into a board room of a corporation and announce “I am here, pay me a small fortune and I will run your business!”. 

I would think that the Board of Directors has invited a potential CEO to come and join the ranks of the company.
And, if said potential CEO, is offered a salary increase for leaving a previous company, I don’t think he/she would be stupid enough to say NO THANK you.  I want to work for less money than the job I just left. Duh!  (I couldn’t help the sarcasm.)

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OLA Family and Friends Slide Show

A Slide Show of Family and Friends.

 Get to know who you are trading and doing business with.  Think of this slide show as sort of a meet and greet.  I will post again whenever I update.  Update 5/13/09.  Thank you for looking.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: OLA FAMILY ALBUM
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Garden Journal – Chapter 19

Spring 2009 Continued

What a day today has been.  Bought some more seeds and planted them right away.  I certainly want to take advantage of this warm spell.  I planted chive, peas, catnip, cat grass, Chinese Lanterns, California poppies and Four O’clocks.  Some things went in the garden, some in the pots and some in the flower beds.
Now, I do have to update you about my little bird that appeared last year and used his squatter’s rights to sleep on my front porch.  I wrote about him, last year, in Chapter 9 of this Journal. Chapter 9 – Click Here .  The good news is that he is back and seems to have found himself a cozy nest, of sorts.  Again on my front porch but this time in a straw shade that I have rolled up over the winter. 

The cute part of this little tale is that he seems to have found a spring mate.  I know this because I caught them coming home for the night and then snapped this picture of not one but two tails, all snuggled up for the night! 

I wonder if I should call this “sex in the city”!  *chuckles*  I figure that my two birdies might even put a nest in that rolled up shade which is okay because I won’t need it till the summer and, of course, by then the babies will have been hatched.

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