Poser – Risky Life!

What is wrong with people on either on foot or people riding a bicycle in the dark? 

I just cannot understand why some people walk down the road or ride their bicycles, in the dark, on the street, in an unlit area of the city, wearing  dark clothing!  No reflector’s on bikes and nothing bright on their clothing!  Do they have a death wish?

  Don’t they realize that people driving cars cannot see them until they are right in their headlights?

Why would a person on a bicycle ride down the road, in the dark, against on coming traffic?

Where is law enforcement when they see such things?  Can’t police give these folks a ticket?

I know this is petty but it is still dangerous for both pedestrians, cyclists and drivers!

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    fleapirates said,

    My pet peeve are those who ride on a two-lane road, 2 or 3 abreast, 6 ft away from the curb, during peak driving times… just so they can TALK! They won’t move to single file so that cars can pass, and they don’t obey traffic signals! Grrrrrr….. isn’t this why our taxes funded BIKE PATHS???
    Ya got me goin’, A’s! 🙂

  2. 2

    supergranny said,

    Wow, be thankful you aren’t in Colorado or the hilly part of New Mexico when the bike clubs come and bike in the area for several days. Almost shuts a small town down. I know it’s wonderful exercise but really there must be some very quiet country back roads not that far from a town that could be utilized.

    A’s, there’s an idea for ya – irridescent tape that is easily removed to be used for anyone biking after dark because that is truly a serious problem. If you hit someone, more than likely it’ll be said to be your fault. Surely we’re not the only ones that care….????

  3. 3

    It’s a serious problem here too. Especially in my community. Lots of bicycles on very curvy, two lane roads. WHY do they do that when there are plenty of bike lanes on other roads & even parks with bicycle paths!

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