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Games & Specials within the OLA Community


The OLA ( Community is like being part of a big family, friendly and helpful.  Members have come up with some interesting games and sales to promote new buyer interest in the site! 

You can find these games in our Community Chat area. 

The latest special game event is called Quarter Ante!  I’m a little slow in posting so I must say the game has been running for a few days but it is not too late to participate because all of the items, listed in the sale, started off at a price of $0.25 and all are Classic Auctions which were set to run for seven days.
Risky because there are so many nice items that, certainly, cost more than 25 cents.

You can great deals and specials by participating in other games hosted by our wonderful members.  A Monthly Scavenger Hunt Game (buying selling optional), Bingo, Wednesday Wave and Super Sunday Sale,  1am-12:59:59am EST, 12am-11:59:59pm Central, 11pm-10:59:59pm Mountain, 10pm-9:59:59pm Pacific.  *Sunday Sale is a full 24 hours long!

Quarter Ante Game Curious yet?  Here is a list of the Sellers and their auction links to the items in the auction.

















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Poser – Risky Life!

What is wrong with people on either on foot or people riding a bicycle in the dark? 

I just cannot understand why some people walk down the road or ride their bicycles, in the dark, on the street, in an unlit area of the city, wearing  dark clothing!  No reflector’s on bikes and nothing bright on their clothing!  Do they have a death wish?

  Don’t they realize that people driving cars cannot see them until they are right in their headlights?

Why would a person on a bicycle ride down the road, in the dark, against on coming traffic?

Where is law enforcement when they see such things?  Can’t police give these folks a ticket?

I know this is petty but it is still dangerous for both pedestrians, cyclists and drivers!

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