Poser – Hybrid Cars & U.S. Auto Industry

  Poser on Hybrid Car & US Auto Industry 

Just a few days ago I heard, on the news, that the Big Three auto manufacturers in American (GM, Chrysler, Ford) were going to take some of their bailout money to focus on manufacturing Eco-friendly green cars.  Hybrids.  Now, granted, I don’t know a whole heck of a lot about this industry and I am, certainly, not opposed to saving the planet from waist and pollution but a question or two did pop into my head when hearing this little news blurb.
My understanding of a Hybrid is that they use gasoline and electric battery power. (The type of Hybrid Detroit wants to produce.) 
Question 1.  If 80 percent of the population owned a hybrid the gas consumption would go down but wouldn’t there be a spike in the electricity that it takes to recharge the batteries? 
Question 2.  Would that mean that we would have to build more nuclear power plants or burn more fossil fuels to produce the power it would take to charge those Hybrid cars?
Question 3.  Or, would everyone get to PAY for a windmill or have to put solar panels on their houses, or in their back yards, to power up their cars?
Forget the exorbitant cost of the hybrid car, just think about what that windmill or the solar panel field would cost!  Ah, I forgot, our honest Government would be happy to give us a little tax credit!


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  1. 1

    supergranny said,

    You’ve got to be kidding – tax cut – key operative word in your last sentence is LITTLE. The most humorous word is HONEST:) ha ha ha ha

    How about just tapping into the vast caches of oil we have here on our own soil – using the money the vroom vroom guys will use for R & D for hybrids etc to building nuclear power plants and we’re good to go……….ah, but then what would those who do the “governing” have to talk about then?

  2. 2

    grouchow said,

    I know what you mean. Shear frustration. 🙂

  3. 3

    George said,

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    Sincerely George

  4. 4

    otopict said,

    i like your posting , im agree with you

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