OnlineAuction YouTube Contest Grand Prize

 And the WINNERS are!

It was a very tough decision to make, as it was one based on views, videos that touched on the key major points about  OLA ( , as well as entertainment value . There were so many great videos submitted by our users, unfortunately, any that contained copyright (music) material would not be eligible to win the grand prize.

We not only had staff participate, but the public in our Monday morning meeting, to establish a vote for the winner. It was a deadlock tie three times! We finally came up with an idea to see if the two people who received equal amount of votes would be interested in splitting the grand prize money. We had a 3 way conference call at this point and both users very happily, and I might add excitedly, agreed to split the grand prize money of 5,000 dollars!

Congratulations to:  MetzyMom and Digit5!!

Here are the Grand Prize Winning Videos:



Digit5 aka David Korner of Medford Oregon

MetzyMom aka Elizabeth Metz of Kingman Arizona


“We want to give a BIG THANK YOU to ALL the users that participated, and to all our past monthly winners.”


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