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Garden Journal – Chapter 16

Mounting Solar Lights on a Fence

In my last garden post I took pictures of the solar yard lights that my husband modified so they could be on the fence, Chapter 15 ( VR, a blog reader, left a comment and suggested that I make a snapshot and explain what my hubby did to adapt the lights.

I told my hubby and he was happy to provide a few instructions. Since these lights are designed to be on the ground and we wanted them on the fence there had to be an off set because of the size of the solar top. Now, I suppose wood blocks come in all shapes and sizes and my husband could have purchased a prefab but he likes to recycle things so he used some of his scrap wood instead.

He cut a 2 x 4 board into 4 inch sections then cut the same amount of pieces into 4 inch sections using a 1 x 4 board.  He used deck or drywall screws to fasten the two pieces together. This made a nice little block.  Then he sprayed the blocks with black enamel paint. He then mounted 1/2 inch Plastic Conduit Clamps on the block to hold the light fixture. The little pipe that comes with the light, now, just slips right into the clamps and the lamp’s lower ring rests on the block once the block has been mounted to the fence.  Neat idea, huh? 

I think it makes a lot more light in a small space. To get a better idea, here are the close up pictures that I took.


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OnlineAuction Buyers & Sellers Slideshow

To quote kiltNkaboodle, the creator of this cute slide show.

To meet up with some of your favorite sellers here on OLA rather than have to go through all the posts, simply click on the link below and watch our slideshow work in progress …..”We chose NOT to be nameless & faceless anymore and thats why we are here at OLA”…….Enjoy the show and thanks for looking.”
(Updated 11/20/08 @3:50 CT

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YouTube Videos Contest at Online Auction

YouTube Videos Contest at Online Auction

Well, we at OLA ( are very excited because the big Video Contest that Online Auction has sponsored, all year, is inching ever closer to its end.  With a $5,000.00 Grand Prize for the best You Tube Video promoting OLA.

Our members have been really been learning all sorts of tricks when it comes to making these UTubes.  Some of the earlier ones were a little rough around the edges but they keep improving and prizes have already been given out for the best monthly videos.  At the end of the year, as stated above, a grand prize will be given for the best video of the year!

Information about rules prizes and contest here:

I have tracked down the most recent monthly winners and am listing them here, just as a little showcase for their hard work and, of course, to send a few Congratulations.

So far, from January to October we have had 74 entrants. Some of the earlier videos have been rough around the edges but all participants have had a wonderful time making them and have succeeded in getting them much much better!! 🙂

Check ’em out!

October’s Winner fleapirates 

September’s Winner Digit5

August’s Winner LyndaLeesLoft 


July’s Winner filmaker1392

June’s Winner Digit5

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Poser – Who Was Crazy Inventor of Closer Mirrors?

Another Poser?  Who was the crazy maniacal inventor of car mirrors that say “Objects in Mirror are Closer than they Appear?”

I am so tired of having the, so called, close calls to my front end while I am driving, I can’t spit!!!  Most cars, of today, have these mirrors and, quite frankly, I think it is nuts.  So why did car companies use them on their cars anyway?  Are they just trying to do more people in?  Or create more damages for insurance companies to pay out?  Either that or people are just flat out blind! 

The problem is that people trust these “closer” mirrors.  YOU CANNOT!  They are like accidents waiting to happen!  😦  

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