Poser – 2008 Government Bailout – Bail Out – Vote

All I can say is Pitiful!

The Congress and President Bush wanted everyone to believe we (and Wall Street) were going to fall into a black hole if this pork laden Bail Out bill wasn’t passed.  I don’t believe it for a minute and a good percentage of the US population didn’t either, otherwise, why did the House of Representatives have to limit the amount of emails?! Didn’t want to deal with the disgruntled? (clue-hint)

If your constituents were so darn happy, do you think your phones would have been ringing off the hooks?

So why did the screwball congress pass it anyway? 

Why was it that President Bush couldn’t get his pen on the bill quick enough?

Is Congress lining their own pockets, again, are they?

Whose watch was it when all this mess started?  Clinton, ring a bell?


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