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Garden Journal – Chapter 15

The Back Yard Garden By Night

This summer I was meandering in the back yard and thought it would be fun to take a few pictures of the garden by night.

This is a picture of the dwarf apple tree bearing fruit.  By the way, the apples were delicious!

These next two pictures are of the vegetable garden.  In our climate we can usually plant string beans several times because of the long growing season.  I believe this was planting number three. Some of the plantings had a harder time than others because we had a pretty bad water shortage.

In an earlier chapter I told you what we did with the lattice and this bench seat.  This photo shows the morning glories climbing right up to the top and over.  I think I might put a little table in front of the bench.  That might make for a cozier sitting arrangement!  Just trying to hid the brick path to nowhere.

I like to keep a little light in the back yard so we found these nifty solar yard lights.  Normally people put them in the ground but we wanted them on the fence so my hubby modified them so we could do just that.  The put out much more light this way too.  I lightened this first picture a bit so you can clearly see some of the drought damage to the grass.

The fence reminds me of a runway, when night falls.

Stay tuned for the next chapter. 🙂 Thanks.


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Garden Journal – Chapter 14

Spring 2008 Continued

After we got the soil leveled and I made the rows and beds we managed to get everything transplanted and out of the cold frame.  Plus added squash, cucumber, carrots and green beans. Tomatoes and peppers were purchased at the local garden center.  I try to rotate the vegetables into different locations yearly.  I try to use as little chemicals as possible and usually just try to stick with seven dust.


We did have a bit of a spring scare when a storm rolled through and a neighbor’s tree fell on our fence and almost on top of the garden.  As you can see, the tree just missed the first bed.  It was still a mess but we did get lucky because the neighbor got a man on the job and had it cleaned up lickety split!


We did have a wood cradle for our firewood at the end of this brick path.  The 4x4s held the slide-able lid that covered the wood.  The cradle was old and we decided to put any firewood on concrete instead. As you can see, we left the 4×4’s and added lattice to it so morning glories could grow up and over.  Then, we found an old concrete bench seat from the recycle, cleaned it and gave it a good coat of paint and, wallah, the path has a little place to go. OK, a little dorky but it isn’t a path to nowhere now!


For kicks and giggles I took a picture of a patch of my grass with the morning dew because it looked like artwork.

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Poser – Presidential Race and Bail Out

Oct.7,2008 Debate

Since when did Employers have to get loans from banks to pay their Employees?

One of today’s debate issues that, flat out, annoyed me.  (Both candidates, McCain & Obama, were justifying consequences of the bail out.)

I guess I am just old school and, in the scheme of things, I know that I am a little guy. My Mother owned small businesses all her life and I owned my own, as well. We had overhead, employees and income. I don’t ever, ever remember, either she nor I, going to the bank to float a loan to pay our employees!

We didn’t hire people we could not afford to pay.  Common sense.


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Poser – 2008 Government Bailout – Bail Out – Vote

All I can say is Pitiful!

The Congress and President Bush wanted everyone to believe we (and Wall Street) were going to fall into a black hole if this pork laden Bail Out bill wasn’t passed.  I don’t believe it for a minute and a good percentage of the US population didn’t either, otherwise, why did the House of Representatives have to limit the amount of emails?! Didn’t want to deal with the disgruntled? (clue-hint)

If your constituents were so darn happy, do you think your phones would have been ringing off the hooks?

So why did the screwball congress pass it anyway? 

Why was it that President Bush couldn’t get his pen on the bill quick enough?

Is Congress lining their own pockets, again, are they?

Whose watch was it when all this mess started?  Clinton, ring a bell?


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