Poser – Government Mortgage Bailout

Surely our Government and Congress have lost their minds!  I just listened to the Presidential note on this issue of mortgage lender bailouts.  I can’t even type the number it is so staggering!! 

What happened to let the chips fall where they will?   Bankers and Mortgage lenders making horrible choices and people borrowing money they know they are incapable of paying back!  What the heck, they deserve what they get. 

I am really tired of the US Government bailing out every company, car manufacturers, airlines, banks, mortgage lenders……  Hell, congress is going to control everything.  Looking more like communism by the day to me. Where is all our taxpayer dollars going to go? Russia… China… investors. 

What is wrong with Congress and Our Government?  I think they have turned into a bunch of greedy crooks.  I always did say that the Mafia didn’t disappear, they just became lawyers and went to congress. 

“Democratic Capitalism”… What happened to free Capitalism?   

I apologize for my bad form this evening but I am really angry.  I have always worked hard for my little bit of savings and what little I have acquired and I really resent the US Congress getting ready to take more.  Grippe, I can’t even die, at this point, and leave a damn thing to my kids!  At this rate, if I die my children will OWE the US Government the darn interest on the death tax!!   😦 

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    Joe said,

    It started with the Community Reinvestment Act(Jimmy Carter), and was expanded under Bill Clinton…to mandate that banks HAD to make a percentage of their loans to low income buyers>>care to guess what happened? Sub-prime mortgage debacle. Can’t wait for the BigO to enact his brilliant theories to bring my grandkids to their knees in twenty years

  2. 2

    grouchow said,

    Thank you for reading my post and for responding.

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