Poser on Talk Radio and TV

I am an avid listener of talk radio and television news shows and have been, sadly, disappointed of late.  Most of us know that television anchors are biased toward the liberal side of elections and most of us are aware that talk radio hosts have been known for slanting toward conservative. But, really, I think that they are all in it for the money and advertising dollars!  I don’t care what side of the election line they chose to tout!  I might, just as well, have just read the AP wire instead of having to listen to a FULL day of pig and lipstick stories! Hell, the Enquirer would have done a better job of journalistic reporting.

What has happened to our unbiased Journalists?  Are they all gone?


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    Chvad SB said,

    In short? Yes. They are gone. The very infrastructure of how news sources function in the US is flawed.. like you said… advertising dollars.

    I disagree about the TV anchor bit… PLENTY of right wing shit on the air, especially with FOX.

    The lines between editorial, journalism and satire have been obliterated. The words themselves have completely lost their meaning. Now.. if something LOOKS or SOUNDS like news… people assume that it is.

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