Election and Journalist Poser

I consider myself an independent when it comes to elections. Out of sheer frustration I have written myself in as a candidate many times. This blog venue finally lets me posts some of my observations and questions. As I have posted before, this country is a republic and not a democracy. 

My on going concern is that the general public doesn’t seem to comprehend this concept.  Election years make me positively crazy, so I try to educate a few folks about how our electoral system works.  I cannot begin to tell you how many people are ignorant and have no clue!  (Our school system has, certainly, contributed to this deficiency.) I have argued  with many folks trying to convince them that there is no federal law that requires their electors to vote the way of their majority, that they represent.  The elector is still, I believe as of this writing, governed by the State Laws they live in and represent. And not every state has the same rules.

It would really be refreshing if some of the news media types would educate the listening public about how the election process works in this country!  Instead of just focusing on the stupid sensational news. It would be refreshing if their focus could be on our Congress and legislation they are pushing through while the public is being distracted by the junk!

Again, where are our Journalists?

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