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Poser – Government Mortgage Bailout – Followup

Why should we have to make this congressional mistake ours? 

I like Ron Paul because he is making sense.


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Poser – Government Mortgage Bailout

Surely our Government and Congress have lost their minds!  I just listened to the Presidential note on this issue of mortgage lender bailouts.  I can’t even type the number it is so staggering!! 

What happened to let the chips fall where they will?   Bankers and Mortgage lenders making horrible choices and people borrowing money they know they are incapable of paying back!  What the heck, they deserve what they get. 

I am really tired of the US Government bailing out every company, car manufacturers, airlines, banks, mortgage lenders……  Hell, congress is going to control everything.  Looking more like communism by the day to me. Where is all our taxpayer dollars going to go? Russia… China… investors. 

What is wrong with Congress and Our Government?  I think they have turned into a bunch of greedy crooks.  I always did say that the Mafia didn’t disappear, they just became lawyers and went to congress. 

“Democratic Capitalism”… What happened to free Capitalism?   

I apologize for my bad form this evening but I am really angry.  I have always worked hard for my little bit of savings and what little I have acquired and I really resent the US Congress getting ready to take more.  Grippe, I can’t even die, at this point, and leave a damn thing to my kids!  At this rate, if I die my children will OWE the US Government the darn interest on the death tax!!   😦 

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Garden Journal Chapter 13

SPRING Chronicled 2008!

The birds are arriving and my plum tree is in full bloom.  With all of its problems, it didn’t die.

The Hibiscus plants that I keep indoors all winter will be much happier when I am able to move them outside again.  I don’t put them out if the night time temps are below 50 degrees.  They cannot take the cold.

Now, the most recent picture of the garden.  Hubby got the tiller out and got the soil turned.  Isn’t that the prettiest dark soil you ever did see?  I’ll be taking the kolrabi out of the cold frame and transplanting them when they are just a little bigger.

A clean slate again.  Through the summer photos and blog coming soon. 

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Election and Journalist Poser

I consider myself an independent when it comes to elections. Out of sheer frustration I have written myself in as a candidate many times. This blog venue finally lets me posts some of my observations and questions. As I have posted before, this country is a republic and not a democracy. 

My on going concern is that the general public doesn’t seem to comprehend this concept.  Election years make me positively crazy, so I try to educate a few folks about how our electoral system works.  I cannot begin to tell you how many people are ignorant and have no clue!  (Our school system has, certainly, contributed to this deficiency.) I have argued  with many folks trying to convince them that there is no federal law that requires their electors to vote the way of their majority, that they represent.  The elector is still, I believe as of this writing, governed by the State Laws they live in and represent. And not every state has the same rules.

It would really be refreshing if some of the news media types would educate the listening public about how the election process works in this country!  Instead of just focusing on the stupid sensational news. It would be refreshing if their focus could be on our Congress and legislation they are pushing through while the public is being distracted by the junk!

Again, where are our Journalists?

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Primaries, Elections and Conventions Poser

In my opinion, I think that presidential primaries, conventions and elections are only Dog and Pony Shows for the Masses!

Can someone, more knowledgable than I, tell me the year this political Circus started?

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Poser on Talk Radio and TV

I am an avid listener of talk radio and television news shows and have been, sadly, disappointed of late.  Most of us know that television anchors are biased toward the liberal side of elections and most of us are aware that talk radio hosts have been known for slanting toward conservative. But, really, I think that they are all in it for the money and advertising dollars!  I don’t care what side of the election line they chose to tout!  I might, just as well, have just read the AP wire instead of having to listen to a FULL day of pig and lipstick stories! Hell, the Enquirer would have done a better job of journalistic reporting.

What has happened to our unbiased Journalists?  Are they all gone?

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Garden Journal Chapter 12


Only a month later, these snaps were taken on Feb.12,08.

The jonquils are getting ready to open. These border the entire fence, hope I didn’t repeat myself!  🙂 Narcissus are already open, too. 

I can’t believe they are open before the snowbells.  Must be their location!


This is the updated picture of the Mahonia (Oregon Grape) which is in full bloom.


And the Winter Daphin (just know I have been spelling this name wrong).  Wow, those tiny blossoms have such a beautiful fragrance, shame I can’t share it with you.  If it weren’t so cold I could sit on the patio and enjoy the smell just a little longer. 


Now, Here is a picture of the crazy cold frame that my hubby puts together every year.  It is made of cut plexiglas that he gets from work.  They are old golf cart windshields.  But they really work well as a cold frame too! I did have to put a couple of bricks on the top because it got so windy the other day. 

Just goes to show ya, you can use a lot of recycled stuff to accomplish what you would like to do.


Of course I had to get a close up of the lettuce radishes and kohlrabies.  Not too sure about the state of the broccoli.  The seeds might have been too old.  I think I see only about 5 broccoli plants.

That’s it for the latest part of the saga.

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