Garden Journal – Chapter 10

Continuing the Back Yard Photo Saga.

Pictured below are the fruit trees I planted on the side yard.  The plum is the closest.  This stayed.  The other two had to be replaced because they would grow large for this small space.  I replaced them with a transplanted blueberry shrub (moved from under a too dark tree canopy), a dwarf peach and a dwarf pear.  Not seen here are the dwarf apple and the pomegranate. 

In the far back, next to the shed, is where I planted the ferns.  I mentioned those earlier. We did keep two (very antique) camellia shrubs.  One has a wonderful double red blossom.  I left one as a bush. The other I keep trimmed and pruned as a short tree because it grows between the house and shed.  This one blooms pink and stands behind the shed but tops over the fence so it gets enough light.

Now that you all have had the tour of my entire, small yard.  The last place that is left is the vegetable garden!  This garden is only about 9×24 feet in size but it does produce a lot of food!  By the way, I grow catnip and cat grass in all of those pots.  Have to keep the kitties well fed too. Lol

From here on out I will be able to update this Journal with some ease. Plus, I will be able to post current pictures as things happen. 

I hope you will continue to enjoy the on going saga of this garden in Southeastern Virginia. 


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