Garden Journal Chapter Seven – Photos

Just a short chapter to add some pictures.

This is a close up snap of the bushes we have just under the front porch. This picture was taken this summer just after a rain shower.  My husband wanted me to take this snap because the bush looked as if it were laden with diamonds.  The lay term name, I believe, is Frizzle.  It has beautiful leaves that are colored from a dark purple to a dark green and anywhere in between.  It has pretty filly hot pink flowers from spring through the summer.  It will grow up to 6 feet so I do have to cut it back two or three times a year.  This spring it will, again, need a hard cutting.

Frizzle Closeup

Frizzle Closeup


These are some of what I call my “man proof” flowers. Day Lilies and some varigated plants on the ends (they have a nice purple flower in the late late summer) and I cannot remember their name.  These are hardy enough to withstand mowing, weed eating, neighborhood pets and drought.  They are planted around a city Crape Myrtle tree between the street and sidewalk.

Double Day Lillies

Double Day Lillies


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  1. 1

    Teresa said,

    Hi, just wanted to let you know the plant you refer to as frizzle is a Loropetalum chinese or Chinese Fringe Flower.

  2. 3

    Kat said,

    Hi Grouchow, I am pretty sure that the fringe is not Loropetalum, it is Varigated Big Blue Liriope. Beautiful picture btw. 🙂

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