Clothing Poser

Why do people pay exorbitant prices to buy and enjoy wearing clothing with company logos on them?

My preference:  Until that company pays me a salary (for the free advertisement and becoming a walking bill board) I won’t participate in that behavior.   


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    Richard said,

    Good question!!!
    Usually it’s the ‘pose’ value of the brand as developed by our ‘celebratary’ culture.
    Also though, some of the best polo shirts for example (as worn by golfers), come with a visable brand, and they simpler are better quality, and aren’t available without the makers brand.
    kind of ‘take it or leave it’?
    Nice blog by the way

  2. 2

    grouchow said,

    My point exactly. If I were a professional golfer that gets great sponsor’s shirts and payment to wear their clothing as advertisement, I would be glad to wear them too. Thank you Richard for your nice comment.

  3. 3

    Chvad SB said,

    It’s not just clothing… it’s EVERYTHING. Computers, cars, consumer electronics… branding is two fold. I mean, with my band I try to develop a “brand” so people recognize use easier. By the same token, I don’t want to pimp other brands with sponsorships like you said in your original post.

    The strength of branding is enormous and it’s all pro and con.. ultimately, being an educated consumer is your best option… and cheaper ALWAYS has a price attached to it other than a monetary one. Where was it made? Who made it? What are the working conditions like? Buying domestic at a slightly higher cost isn’t always a bad option.

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