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Clothing Poser

Why do people pay exorbitant prices to buy and enjoy wearing clothing with company logos on them?

My preference:  Until that company pays me a salary (for the free advertisement and becoming a walking bill board) I won’t participate in that behavior.   


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Garden Journal Chapter Two

My Garden Journal-Chapter Two

Well, the family grew.  So we had to move out of our little house with the little garden.  We moved to a wonderful two story, eight sided house, it appeared round, outside of the city.  It came with a 4.5 acre chunk of land.  A functioning, heated, Green House. Grapes vines and about 15 rows, each, of Boxwood and Pyracantha bushes plus a riding mower/tractor with attachments.  What fun learning to use the plow and cultivators.  The bad news came after I checked with our agricultural department and found out I couldn’t sell the bushes without having proper testing done on the soil.  But I could sell anything I grew in the Green House because I would be mixing clean potting soils.  Joy, joy. In my part-time, I could grow plants then, eventually, I could earn money to pay for the propane gas I needed to keep the green house warm.

We soon found out that we had no talent with the attachments on the mower/mini tractor!  Although, we did manage to get all the bushes dug up.  The ground was clay and hard as a rock.  Very hard to work by hand.  This hugh plot of holes (about an eighth of an acre) became my year round vegetable garden.  I could freeze ’em, can ’em and feed the family year round!  But it was like hard labor until my mother and her hubby showed up one day and gifted me with the tool I had been talking and reading about for so long.  My Troybilt Horse.  What a dream!  Vegetable gardening became an instant success after we put a dump truck of sand in the holes.  

I grew so many plants in my green house, started many sets for the garden and even grew tomatoes and peppers in the winter. 

The pets, a horse, a pony, goat, duck, rabbit, two or three dogs, cats and a couple dozen chickens all provided fertilizer for the garden, lol.  Of course, sometimes it was hard keeping all those critters out of the garden, I even caught my dogs eating the melons in the summer!! But all good things come to an end and we had to move.  Next installment of the saga in Chapter Three.  The Blackwater years and the Troybilt never leaves my side.

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Garden Journal and History

Welcome to My Garden History and Journal – Chapter One

Let me begin by saying that I have been an amateur gardener since Moby Dick was a minnow!  My mother gave me green bean and radish seeds when I was 7 or 8 years old and she let me plant them on the side of the house.  I guess she figured that those would germinate quickly because a small kid would want to see things grow fast  Pretty, smart on her part!  As I grew older she would let me help her in the little plot garden she had created, every spring.  It was always so much fun when the first radishes came to harvest and we could have, open face, radish and butter sandwiches for breakfast!  What an excellent treat.  I look forward to those radishes every year.

Then the “teen years” and gardening went a little by the wayside because I was just too busy.  But there were summers with my Grand Mother, who had a 50 acre farm, and we had to harvest the hay for the livestock, corn for the chickens and horses. Plus, there always seemed to be house plants to water.  Plants and animals were always in my life but animals will have to take second place to this Garden room, :). 

Got married… had apartment and asked landlord if I could plant flowers outside of my apartment window…they said yes…  Okay… I did!

Baby to come… no room… First house ensued… Big yard… Stay at home Mom…

What to do… plant a garden. Boy, was it fun to watch newly weds dig a garden!!  

This was the garden where I learned that no matter what the package of seed said go with the flow of the current weather in your area.  I wanted to grow Iceberg lettuce, everyone around me said it was just too hot in our area to grow because the summers were too hot. So, I planted the seed in the late fall.  I saw the small seed pop up and then forgot about the garden because all the leaves fell and just figured everything had died (we were too lazy to rake leaves!) Well, at the end of February, when it was a little warmer, I was strolling around and kicking some of the leaves aside (the leaves became an insulator) and WOWWIEE…. I found heads of Iceberg lettuce!!! What a surprise.  You don’t get a tomato with your lettuce salad at that time of year but the lettuce is still great.

This installment One……. This will be a continuing saga…….. More to come!

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Poser On Movies

Why do the television media insist on reporting on how much money a Movie makes upon its release? Knowing what the Production Company’s take at the door, on the opening night or week of a movie, doesn’t mean the movie was any good or, even, worth viewing!

This is such an irritant to me because I watch the evening news to learn about important news of the day around the world, local developements and State information.  Not fluff that can be reported on Entertainment channels.

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The Republic – A Poser

Another Poser:

If the United States is a Republic. Why is it that the everyone, it seems, wants to call the United States a democracy?

On that note. This being an election year. Why do most people focus on the Presidential election?

In my humble opinion, I believe we should be focusing on the congressional elections, that is the only place the general voting public can make a difference.

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Hello World! You can find Posers Questions and Queries here.

Ah, my first post on a blog!  I have so many Posers.

(What is a poser?  Definition: (1) A very puzzling problem or question. (2) A person who examines by questions.) 

Way back in my day, there was talk of making more streamline, energy efficient cars.  The big words were aerodynamic so cars would get better gas mileage.  Now, with oil by the barrel going off the Richter scale and gas for cars going up, up and up…

Why have car manufacturers started building, what I like to call, boxes to drive down the highways?  If it is a box, isn’t it a little like the wind hitting a brick wall? 

Air would not flow over and around the vehicle.  Is there something I am missing here?  This phenomenon is still making me scratch my head!

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